Criminal Elite
Killerdog Studios Gamers Paradise


Criminal Elite is a massively multiplayer online game satisfying the gaming community’s deepest and darkest desires in a real world game setting.

Criminal Elite is a virtual crime simulation based on the reality of how crime actually works in the real world. This controversial game concept will allow you to plan and execute virtual crimes while benefiting financially from real world money payouts as you successfully complete your missions.

Be warned, there is no doubt that a high abstinence of traditional morals will fast track your career in becoming the most feared and reputed gangster.

Start your criminal career by looting and pillaging in your own local in-game city. Solve problems with competing gangsters by using brute force violence. Work hard, play hard and become a hands-on reputed gangster earning the respect of others.

As your experience and resources grow, and depending on your preferred leadership style, you can join forces with other gangsters to create cartels and syndicates, in order to dominate the underground criminal world on a global scale.

So take pride in committing virtual crimes while reaping the benefits of cashing out real world money. And it’s all perfectly legal too!


The game concept for Criminal Elite originated in 2006 and has continuously evolved ever since. But it wasn’t until 2010 that colleagues originating from Gamers Paradise joined forces and started to work full time with the goal of making the game Criminal Elite a reality.


The Gamers Paradise game centers have been a great resource pool for receiving the initial feedback from hardcore gamers to help shape Criminal Elite. Their ideas and opinions have been embraced and integrated into the Criminal Elite game concept. We truly feel that Criminal Elite will become the game that many gamers have longed for.


No official release date has been promised as of yet. Please subscribe to the Criminal Elite newsletter and you’ll be notified of any upcoming news.


More information about the game will be release on the official Criminal Elite website as soon as it becomes available.


  • Game Title: Criminal Elite
  • Game Developer: Killerdog Studios LLC
  • Genre: MMOG | RTS | RPG
  • Setting: Urban City
  • Type: Action | Crime | Business
  • Platform: PC | Android | iOS
  • Target Audience: Adults 18+
  • Game Cost: F2P (Free-To-Play)
  • Release Date: TBA


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